Farming Practices

Organic & Pasture Rasied

Our Natural Farming

Ashmore Acre’s Eggs come from certified, organic, pasture-raised hens.
At our farm we offer our hens more than 10 acres of natural pastures, which are never treated with herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers. We rotate our girls regularly to keep the pastures fresh and healthy and to keep the chickens from flying the coop.
At Ashmore Acres it is our goal that the grass is always greener inside of the coop! The natural fertilizer the ladies leave behind certainly helps in that process. The green, luscious, grass that is our pasture is a result of the hens and their droppings.
The chickens are free of stress due to their ability to roam as much as they like within a designated area to assure that they get the variety of grass each paddock has to offer. They have lights on in the coop during the shorter months to assure they are getting ample hours of light to produce quality eggs. In the morning they arise with the natural sun and away they go to explore and forage until dusk. Our family provides them with ample fresh water, shade, and certified organic feed so they are well fed, happy and healthy hens!
We know you will taste the difference in our eggs!