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Ashmore Acres is our life and our story. It is our passion. It initially began with a young family and a small flock of 5 hens in Ferndale, Wa and has grown to a family of seven, more than 1,100 hens, a dog and a cat, 3 goats, 9 turkeys, and now and again a dozen or so pigs.

Inspired by our grandparents, their health and their habits, motivated by our children, growing up in a changing world, and cultivated by our desire for their health and longevity we strive to live a life with emphasis on faith, family, work, farming, and nature. Being outside and eating foods as close to their whole state as possible helps us to feel well and do well and that is the foundation of our farm.

Jeff is the happy, level headed Father and Farmer. He is the muscle of the farm. His construction and contracting background lends him to being handy and he is always busy replacing a water pipe or building a new structure for the farm. Jeff wakes up early and is greeted by the hungry hens before the sun every morning. He is the mastermind behind the design and creation of our mobile coops and the regulator of the chicken’s rotation around the pasture.

Andrea is the farmer’s wife and the homemaker and is usually in the kitchen or barefoot in the yard collecting eggs (or doing yoga). Her holistic nutrition background led us to buying property so that we could grow and produce our own food. Knowing where our food was coming from and how it was being raised. She has a passion for health and wellness and encourages time, well spent together outdoors. She is the goodnight kisser, the goat milker, the meal maker, and the family calendar organizer.

Braxton, Adelle, Emmett, Gage and Ira are our greatest joys and the reason we started the farm in the first place. We wanted our kids to have the experiences of working hard and playing hard during these essential years of their development.
They drive the tractor (okay, not all of them), collect the eggs (and have timed records doing so), milk the goats, walk the dog, feed the cat, mow the lawn, and all the while being kids and soaking up the great outdoors and each other.

We aspire our farm model to one day follow that of Joel Salatin from Polyface Farms. We currently rotate our hens over the acreage so that the pasture is equally fertilized and so that the hens are equally nourished. Given a designated space, the hens are able to forage all that nature has to offer in that space in the form of different varieties of grass and weeds and bugs, offering an abundance of nutrients and natural sunshine. Once the space has been scratched and pecked over, the hens are rotated to the next space. Eventually the hens will follow behind the cattle, working together the animals will further nourish the grass and eventually each other.

We love sharing our passion for farming. Our abundance is not ours alone but has been given to us and we grow by first giving.

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